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    Woven Patch Tape - Venture Tape™ White 442W 99MMx50M 15/CS

    3M™ Venture Tape™ Woven Patch Tape 442W is designed to match white woven insulation facings It is capable of bonding quickly and strongly to a variety of hard-to-bond substrates AN acrylic tape composed of a high tack adhesive and a woven composition that has high elongation Perfect for patching and seaming woven polyethylene and propylene materials due to its unique design that pairs a high tack adhesive with a bidirectional woven, acrylic copolymer film
    Old price$34.84 /RL $34.84 / RL

    Film Tape Heat Activated 8401 48MMx25M 7.8MIL 36/CS

    Reactive heat activated film based on phenolic resin and nitrile rubber This amber double-sided tape has no backing It is protected by a strong paper liner and can easily be slit and die cut At room temperature tesa HAF® 8401 is not tacky It is activated for pre-lamination by heat and starts to become tacky at 90°C In a second application step heat and pressure is applied over a certain period of time It is suitable for bonding of all thermal resistant materials such as metal, glass, plastic, wood and textiles
    Old price$117.28 /RL $117.28 / RL

    Polyester Film Tape - Super Bond Clear 396 48MMx33M 4.1MIL 24/CS

    Polyester backing offers abrasion, chemical and thermal resistance Rubber resin adhesive provides aggressive grab to irregular surfaces Ideal for use on polyethylene and other low surface energy materials Good temperature resistance from 40°F to 200°F (4°C to 93°C) Often used in butt splicing and core starting applications Waterproof and easily removable
    Old price$52.99 /RL $52.99 / RL