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    Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator - 10:1 S-50 1034026 50ML 10/CS

    The 50 ml Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator is used exclusively for products packages in 10:1 S-50 cartridges Accepts static mix nozzles #1034575 but sold separately in (10) packs. The new S cartridge design incorporates a stronger attachment flange and separate cylinders to allow for higher dispensing pressures An interface with separated outlets between cartridge and static mix nozzle eliminates the possibility of cross contamination and avoids plugged cartridges
    Old price$125.77 /EA $125.77 / EA

    EPX™ Manual Applicator - 200, 250, 400, 490ML EPXMANAPP 490ML 1/CS

    Old price$270.54 /EA $270.54 / EA

    Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator - 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 98472 50ML 1/CS

    Old price$78.71 /EA $78.71 / EA

    Applicator - Scotch-Weld™ EPX™ Plus II Manual 1:1 2:1 Plunger Grey/Black S/W EPXPLUS II 50ML 1/CS

    Self-contained metering, mixing, and dispensing machine Comes with 1:1 and 2:1 plungers. 10:1 plungers can be ordered separately Simultaneously meters and mixes two-part adhesives as the material is applied Minimizes waste and mess associated with hand mixing Designed for general industrial, metal working, maintenance, repair, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, plastic and rubber industry, medical, sporting goods, solar energy, wind energy, composites, electronics, military, transportation and aerospace applications
    Old price$136.14 /EA $136.14 / EA

    Dual Cartridge Pnueumatic Applicator - EQ HD14 2693825 400ML 1/CS

    Direct replacement for previous 2K handheld dispensers Improved ergonomics Compatible with all cartridge ratios (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1) Conversion kits for all 4 ratios are included with each dispenser Cartridge kits are interchangeable between manual/pneumatic models Improved balancing with cartridge installed Quick air exhaust mechanism to reduce drooling Increased dispense force for improved dispensing in high viscosity/flow adhesive applications
    Old price$1,000.91 /EA $1,000.91 / EA

    Pneumatic Applicator - Scotch-Weld™ Dual Drive 490ML 1/CS

    Interchangeable cartridge trays and plungers for quick exchange and use with 1:1 or 2:1 or 10:1 cartridge ratios Indicator rod to view the remaining volume of material in the cartridge Cast aluminum frame for extended durability and stability Quick air exhaust prevents dripping after dispense Cartridge release button for convenient cartridge ejection Ergonomically sculpted grip design for enhanced control Integrated regulator to easily adjust the output force Plunger retract button easily accessible with one hand
    Old price$1,483.89 /EA $1,483.89 / EA