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    Aerosol Spray - Citrus Base Cleaner Clear CIT CLNR 18.5OZ CAN 12/CS

    Non-corrosive aerosol cleaner used to help dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar, and many non-curing adhesives Cleans gently and leaves a pleasant citrus scent Contains no chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents Gently cleans oil, grease, tar and grime Can help prepare surfaces for adhesive bonding
    Old price$59.78 /EA $59.78 / EA

    Aerosol Spray - Silicone Lubricant Clear SILLUB 13.25OZ CAN 12/CS

    Silicone-based release agent for industrial lubrication applications Used for lubricating moving parts, eliminating squeaks caused by friction; protecting against rust and corrosion; sealing out moisture; preventing buildup of glues, waxes, inks, paints, etc. preserving plastics, rubber, leather; and prolonging the life of cutting tools Excellent lubricant Fast drying Long lasting Non-staining
    Old price$23.69 /EA $23.69 / EA

    Aerosol Spray - Adhesive Remover Citrus Base Yellow 6041 24OZ CAN 6/CS

    3M™ Adhesive Remover is a convenient easy-to-use aerosol adhesive remover utilizing a fast acting citrus formulation that does not leave residue when wiped clean Removes unwanted adhesive residue, grease, dirt, oil, stickers, and more from many surfaces It does not leave residue when wiped clean
    Old price$40.41 /EA $40.41 / EA