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Bundling Film Dispenser PD3 3IN
Item No. 158012809
Lowry Lowry PD3 plastic dispenser handles for Narrow Width Bundling Stretch Film. The PD3 is reusable, lightweight, and constructed with a durable plastic. Lowry PD3 is easy to use on regular hand wrap or narrow film. Used on film with a 3" core.
Dispenser - Stretch Film Handwrapper Chrome HWRAP 1/CS
Item No. 100068312
Lowry The Lowry HWRAP features comfortable rubber hand grip 
and an angled handgrip for less fatigue. The Lowry HWRAP offers 
easy film change using slotted top corner which helps improve work efficiency.
Stretch Film Dispenser - Hand Saver Yellow 106 2/CS
Item No. 170259852
Lowry The Lowry 106 is perfect for all shipping rooms. It prevents finger friction burns. Each Lowry 106 Hand Saver comes complete with 2 end pieces that fit into all 3" core stretch wrap. It is simple to use and inexpensive.
Stretch Film Dispenser - VSR Blue GWD 3IN & 5IN
Item No. 125078403
Goodwrappers The Goodwrapper-GWD one-hand ergonomically designed dispenser reduces wrist fatigue while giving the operator total tension control of the film. Underneath the encircling hand brake, the dispenser has a three piece design which shifts the need of using the index finger and thumb for tension-helping reduce wrist fatigue which could lead to carpal tunnel.