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Plastic Strapping Tool - Battery Powered Automatic Combination ZP97A 5/8IN 400KG 1/CS
Item No. 200001191
Zapak The ZP97A is a battery powered automatic combination plastic strapping tool. The Zapak ZP97A is great for single-handed operations and features a brushless motor. This strapping tool has a pre-programmed control panel while the operation lever helps with easy strap feedings and for easy tool removal.
Sealer - Steel Strapping Standard Duty Double Notch SS-2 0.5IN 1/CS
Item No. 124825422
Lowry In a single action, the Lowry SS-2 strap sealers make a double set of notches, gripping the strap and seal together in order to produce a joint of maximum strength.
Steel Strapping Tool - Tensioner RB34 0.375IN-0.75IN 0.023
Item No. 139388057
Lowry The Lowry RB34 is a Feedwheel style Steel Strap Tensioner designed for use on flat surfaces. It can be used for medium to heavy tension applications.
Tensioner - Polypropylene Strapping BS300 0.375IN-0.75IN 1/CS
Item No. 132561025
Lowry The Lowry BS300 is a tensioner that has been designed for all regular shaped packages or loads that have a flat surface. It can be used with seals and a crimper or with plastic or metal buckles. Lowry BS300 features a windless tension device with a gripper and cutter. It is lightweight and can be used with PP or PET strapping.