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Stapler - Bostitch Industrial Plier P3-IND 1/4IN
Item No. 145577386
Stanley The Stanley Bostitch® P3-IND features rugged design for heavy use with a moveable breathing core to prevent jamming, Pass-by clinch so one staple will fasten various thickness applications, and a Top load magazine with cover/pusher that stays with the tool. The P3-IND is best used for dry cleaner garment tagging, drugstore bag closure, flower wrapping, ribbons, badges, and shipping room packaging.
Staples - Bostitch for P3 Plier SP19 1/4IN 5000/BX
Item No. 156554692
Stanley Stanley Bostitch® Standard premium staples come with 1/4" leg long feature finely sharpen chisel points for excellent penetration and 210 per strip. Staples are ideal for any standard stapler.
Staples - Heavy Duty PowerCrown™ STCR5019 3/8IN 5000/BX
Item No. 119921610
Stanley Bostitch Legendary Bostitch PowerCrown™ STCR5019 staples are crafted for ultimate drive performance. Taking the physical dynamics of staple driving into consideration led our engineers to develop the unique PowerCrown feature. As this crowned (peaked) staple top is flattened during the staple drive, it forces the staple legs outward so they are more fully supported by the stapler magazine throughout the drive. This delivers more stapling force and reduced buckling for maximum penetration.