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Cylinder Adhesive Applicator - Scotch-Weld™ Standard Output CYL.ADH.APPL 1/CS
Item No. 152246258
3M 3M™ Cylinder Adhesive Applicator is the standard output device for use with most of our cylinder spray adhesive products and is recommended where normal output rates are desired. 3M™ Cylinder Adhesive Applicator has combined durable, all metal construction, with a balanced design and comfortable grip to provide effective control during operation. The applicator can be adjusted to various spray patterns as needed. This product features a trigger guard that prevents accidental discharge of adhesive.
Cylinder Adhesive Hose - Scotch-Weld™ CYL.HOSE 12FT 1/CS
Item No. 107611084
3M 3M™ Cylinder Adhesive Hoses provide convenient length and portability needed to accomplish small, medium and large-area coverage for jobs such as flooring, dry wall and hard-to-reach areas. The convenience afforded by the various lengths allows the worker to cover areas with tank in hand or from a bulk tank and keep the hose from interfering or tangling. The 3M™ Cylinder Adhesive Hose features a lightweight nylon tube with synthetic rubber coating that improves control, reduces fatigue, and is flexible for ease of use.