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Thread Sealant - Fast Cure Purple 5452 50ML TUBE 10/CS
Item No. 192362758
Loctite Loctite® 5452™ is designed for threaded fittings commonly found in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The thixotropic nature makes Loctite® 5452™ suitable for large diameter pipes. This material is useful with dry seal fittings such as O-Ring boss style connectors by preventing the rotation that ultimately leads to leakage. Loctite® 5452™ can be used as a sealant on mating surfaces of flare style fittings to seal scratches and surface imperfections. It contains no fillers or particles that can interfere with a hydraulic system.
Thread Sealant - High Temperature with PTFE White 567 250ML TUBE 10/CS
Item No. 105527947
Loctite Loctite® 567 is an off-white, low strength, thixotropic methacrylate thread sealant. It cures in the absence of air and by contact with metals when confined within threads up to M80/R3”. It is best suited for use on coarse metal threads and its breakaway torque rating is 1.7Nm. Viscosity is 280,000 - 800,000 mPa·s and service temperature -55 to +150ºC. UL approved.
Thread Sealant - PTFE White 5113 1PT BRUSHTOP CAN 12/CS
Item No. 200000198
Loctite Loctite® Thread Sealant 1527514 with PTFETM is a smooth, white paste for general-purpose metal pipe sealing. Typical applications include lubricating and sealing threaded pipes, pipe fittings, and flanges. Loctite® Thread Sealant 1527514 with PTFETM is ideal for water pipes and can be used on lines carrying alkalies (10%), ethylene glycol, petroleum, and lubricating oil. This product withstands temperatures ranging from -51 °C to 149 °C.
Threadlocker - High Strength Primerless, Oil Tolerant Red 263 50ML BOTTLE 10/CS
Item No. 125532118
Loctite Loctite® 263 High Strength threadlocker is a versatile, high strength liquid threadlocker. The 263 reliably locks and seals metal fasteners up to 1 inch. The Loctite® 263 has been engineered to cure consistently on a variety of metals, despite minor surface contaminants and works on steel, stainless steel and most plated fasteners. The 263 requires heat to be removed and can tolerate thread lubrication, corrosion protection anti-fluids plus is rated for 360°F (180°C).
Threadlocker - Medium Strength Primerless, Oil Tolerant Blue 243 50ML BOTTLE 10/CS
Item No. 170008063
Loctite The Loctite® 243 is a general purpose threadlocker of medium bond strength. This threadlocker secures and seals bolts, nuts, and studs to prevent loosening due to vibration. The product works on all metals, including passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminum and plated surfaces. It is proven to be tolerant of minor contamination due to industrial oils, e.g. engine oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluids. The Loctite® 243 permits disassembly with hand tools for servicing.