The economic turmoil caused by the pandemic has exposed many vulnerabilities in the global supply chain.  The epic port congestions and lack of truck drivers put the world's fragile supply chains are under severe strain.

Border controls and mobility restrictions, the lack of a global vaccine pass, and pent-up demand as a result of being stuck at home have all combined to create a perfect storm in which global production will be hampered because deliveries will not be made on time, and costs and prices will rise.

This BC storm puts further strain on already crunched supply chain. Unusually heavy rain and extreme weather in BC has resulted in flash flooding and mudslides which have compromised all major rail and road thoroughfares in and out of BC. It is unknown when these routes will become fully accessible again.  

As a result, we're currently seeing longer lead times, higher prices, and shipment delays for a variety of materials. Given the conditions, we expect this to drag on for a while.

At Lowry we are available to offer any assistance you may need to help you navigate some of these issues by offering possible temporary solutions, alternative products that meet your specifications that will work in the interim.

We cannot however guarantee that these solutions may not incur additional charges, but depending on the time it takes for these items to arrive, they may be worthwhile.

Please contact your Lowry Sales Representative as soon as possible if you have any concerns regarding an upcoming order. We always recommend planning ahead of time to avoid delays, especially in these circumstances, and we'd be pleased to help!