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Splicing Tape - Acrylic D/C Translucent 50605 50MMx50M 3.5MIL 36/CS
Item No. 159695067
Tesa tesa® 50605 is a translucent double-sided splicing tape consisting of a tissue paper coated with an acrylic adhesive. This tape features high tack, high shear resistance, and high temperature resistance. The tesa® 50605 is best used for splicing of liner and flute in the corrugated board industry, flying splice of paper in newsprint and converting processes, and flying splice of light weight paper and cardboard.
Splicing Tape - Repulpable D/C Blue 51913 25MMx50M 2.4MIL 36/CS
Item No. 169092783
Tesa tesa CaRes® 51913 is a thin double-sided repulpable tape consisting of a tissue paper and a modified water soluble acrylic adhesive. This tape features the patented calcium resistant adhesive (CaRes) for a maximized lifetime of permanent splices on papers containing calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The tesa CaRes® 51913 has very high shear strength, very high heat resistance, and very good adhesion values on most paper grades. This tape is great for permanent overlapped splices, core starting, manual as well as automatic application. The teas 51913 is certified for Repulpability according to TAPPI UM-213 over full pH-range (pH3 – pH9)
Tissue Tape - Acrylic High Performance D/C Translucent 9086 24MMx50M 7.5MIL 36/CS
Item No. 200003732
3M Offering premium performance in even the most demanding of applications, 3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9086 leverages the holding power of 3M Adhesive 375 to securely hold together a variety of materials and surfaces. This 7.5-mil (0.19 mm) two-sided tape is tearable by hand for extra convenience and has a high initial tack for quick and easy application.
Tissue Tape - Removable Repositionable D/C White 9416 12MMx13M 2MIL 72/CS
Item No. 170658040
3M 3M™ Removable Repositionable Tape 9416 is a double coated tissue with acrylic adhesive 400 and repositionable adhesive 1000 on a 70 lb polycoated kraft paper liner. This double coated tape features a permanent adhesive on the face side and a removable repositionable adhesive on the back side. Tape 9416 works on a variety of substrates or materials for temporary mounting of lightweight materials such as paper, plastics, films or foams.