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Broom - Household Corn 765 7/8IN Handle 12/CS
Item No. 191299765
Atlas Graham The Atlas Graham 765 Otter is a quality corn mix broom for general use around the home or office. The 765 Otter features durable construction with 5 strings and a comfortable 7/8" painted handle.
Broom Braces Black 134768 12/CS
Item No. 180957638
Vileda Professional All metal braces are constructed to provide excellent reinforcement. They can be connected quickly and easily. The short clamp securely fits around any size push broom block for extra handle support. Can be easily tightened using wing nuts plus the extra handle support reduces handle breakage common with heavy usage.
Broom Handle - Aluminum with Threaded Tip 2409 60IN 10/CS
Item No. 169689139
Atlas Graham This aluminum broom handle is a good choice for use with Trailblazer and Warehouse upright brooms. The handle features a sturdy nylon tip that resists cracking. Aluminum handles are often used in food processing areas where wood is not an acceptable choice due to its porousness. This product is available in 48" and 60" see details for more information.
Broom Head - Fine Sweep Push Synthetic Fibre 58136 36IN 6/CS
Item No. 200004528
Atlas Graham A fine fibre push broom with soft, synthetic fibres. Flagged ends pick up dust with an almost magnetic action, making this broom a good choice for hardwood floors. The fill is moisture, solvent and oil resistant with excellent memory, so bristles will retain their shape over time.
Broom Head 0624H 24IN 1/CS
Item No. 153273684
Atlas Graham The Furgale 0624H features long-lasting black Tampico fibres and the block has two threaded holes for even wear. The Furgale 0624H is great for fine to medium sweeping in factories, schools, and commercial buildings.
Handle - Wooden with Metal Threaded Tip 134638 60IN 25/CS
Item No. 153418875
Vileda Professional Threaded metal tip wood handle is 60 inch with standard threads to fit numerous products.
Handle - Wooden with Metal Threaded Tip 525 54IN 25/CS
Item No. 163225408
Atlas Graham The Atlas Graham 525 features a 54" X 15/16" hardwood handle that is an economical alternative for all your cleaning accessory requirements. Metal threaded tip adds durability. Use with brooms or Wring-Ezy style mop heads.
Push Broom - Professional Medium Sweep 99948 36INx60IN Handle 4/CS
Item No. 153275544
Atlas Graham The Atlas Graham 99948 AGF Professional medium sweep broom is engineered for sweeping dirt and debris on indoor and outdoor surfaces such as warehouses, driveways, and sidewalks. The handle is 60 x 1 1/8" in diameter with a metal brace and bolt-on connector for maximum ergonomic comfort, strength and durability. Kiln-dried hardwood with quality staple-set fibres means the block resists warping and fibres remain secure within the block. The handle can be reversed for even wear to extend the life of the fibres. The 99948 broom is sold fully assembled.
Push Broom - Tampico Blend Medium Sweep 56024 24IN 6/CS
Item No. 179222410
Atlas Graham A combination of synthetic tampico fibres makes this broom a good choice for a warehouse or any facility where both fine dust and larger particles need to be moved.