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Aerosol Spray - Citrus Base Cleaner Clear CIT CLNR 24OZ CAN 12/CS
Item No. 118919013
3M 3M™ Citrus Base Cleaner helps soften and loosen grease, oil and grime. It is a citrus oil based cleaner that emulsifies when flushed with water and it contains no petroleum distillates. You can use this highly effective aerosol cleaner to clean and degrease metal parts, motors, tools, printing presses, concrete, or almost any dirty or greasy surface. After using this heavy-duty degreaser/cleaner, just wipe away with a shop towel. 3M™ Citrus Base Cleaner also preps surfaces to help improve adhesive bonding. 3M™ aerosol chemicals contain no methylene chloride, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), or 1,1,1-trichloroethane (methyl chloroform). Consult local air quality rules before use. Convenience for maintenance and production in thousands of factories and plants, 3M™ aerosol chemicals are used every day to save time and effort. Lubricating, cleaning, inhibiting rust, and other tough jobs become easy with the convenience and effectiveness of our formulated chemicals. The 3M™ Citrus Base Cleaner can also be used to prep surfaces and help improve adhesive bonding by removing dirt, grease and other contaminants, leaving a clean substrate. The compact cans fit in a toolbox and readily go to any job site and help reduce storage space and cost.
Aerosol Spray - General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Clear 08987 15OZ 12/CS
Item No. 105895590
3M 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, Aerosol 08987 has a VOC content of 738 grams per liter (6.16 lbs per gallon). Local air quality regulations may regulate or prohibit the use of surface preparation and clean up materials based on VOC content. Consult your local air quality regulations. The 3M™ 08987 is a specially blended solvent for removal of adhesives, silicone, wax, grease, tar, and oil.
Aerosol Spray - Silicone Lubricant Clear SILLUB 24OZ CAN 12/CS
Item No. 118472244
3M The 3M™ Silicone Lubricant is a silicone base release agent for industrial lubrication applications. 3M™ Silicone Lubricant is great for machinery, moving parts, plus it eliminates squeaks caused by friction, prevents sticking, freezing and protects against rust. This product helps prevent build up of glues, wax, inks and paints. The 3M™ Silicone Lubricant offers FDA listed ingredients, fast drying technology, and is long-lasting and non-staining.